How To Remove Wrinkles Without An Iron

How To Quickly Remove Wrinkles Without An Iron

How To Quickly Remove Wrinkles from Clothes Without An Iron

You have a big business meeting this morning and pull out that fancy blouse from your closet only to find that it’s wrinkled! You don’t have time to break out the ironing board and iron. You don’t have time to throw it in the dryer. So what do you do? Well, today I’m going to show you how to quickly remove wrinkles without an iron using a garment steamer! 

How to Quickly Remove Wrinkles from Clothes Without an IronNeed to quickly remove wrinkles from clothes but don't have time to iron? What if you don't even own an iron? Here's help! Click To Tweet

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Undomesticated Me

If you’re anything like me, you hate to iron. And cook. And clean. Seriously, I would rather stick hot pins in my eyes than do the dishes or mop the floors.

But alas, I am a mom of an 8 year old and a 50 year old little boy, so chores are a necessary part of life. Constantly.

That’s why I am always looking for the latest and greatest gadget for making everyday living a little easier.

I also like to look cute and put together, but it’s hard to look put together when your clothes are wrinkled!

And being the lazy girl that I am, I have tried many methods for quickly removing wrinkles from my clothes without reaching for an iron.

Line drying clothes is pretty effective. But ain't nobody got time for that!

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Methods I have Tried to Quickly Remove Wrinkles from Clothes Without an Iron

1. Folding them properly so they lie flat in my drawers – But then I get creases in my clothes which also look ugly. Pfft!

2. Throwing them in the dryer – If I have an extra 30 mins to kill. Yeah, right.

3. Hanging them on a line outside to dry – We’re talking hours now. Plus if the wind picks up, my clothes are covered in dust. Awesome.

4. Spraying water and using a blow dryer on my clothes – It works okay, but can scorch the fabric.

5. Using a flat iron (for hair) on my clothes – Works in a pinch while wearing them, but only can do small portions of the fabric at a time. Impractical.

6. Dry Cleaning – I’m lying. I never set foot in a dry cleaner. My clothes aren’t THAT fancy.

Dry cleaning can get expensive!

Dry cleaning can get expensive!

So when I had the chance to try out a portable fabric steamer from a company called Sterline complimentary for review, I thought this would be a great way to quickly remove wrinkles from fabric without ever touching an iron.

First Impressions of the Sterline Portable Fabric Steamer

The Sterline Portable Garment Steamer comes in an unobtrusive cardboard box. When you open the package, you are greeted with some shiny blue packaging with white writing that says “Congratulations!”

This Portable Garment Steamer is perfect for travel.

This Portable Garment Steamer is the perfect size for travel.

I thought it was a little odd that they spent the time and money to add the color and print to the inside of the packaging instead of the outside. It was almost like the box was made inside out. But I guess they had their reasons.

When you open the box, inside you will find the steamer, instructions, a caution notice, and a warranty card.

The steamer features a nozzle that easily twists off and on, a window to measure minimum and maximum water height, an on/off switch, and a power cord.

The Sterline portable garment steamer is pretty basic but super effective.

The Sterline portable garment steamer is pretty basic but super effective.

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How to Quickly Remove Wrinkles with a Portable Garment Steamer

The instructions are pretty straightforward. Simply unscrew the top, and fill the container with water.

The manufacturer recommends using distilled water, but I’m too lazy for that. I just used water right out of the sink. The most important thing is to make sure you never go past the Max line.

Next just plug it in and wait for it to start steaming. It can take up to 2 minutes, but it really didn’t feel like that long when I tried it. I would say it took only around 60 seconds.

Here is the video of me trying out the product for the first time:

Since you should never tilt your fabric steamer more than 45 degrees, you will need to hang your garment upright. I just used my towel rack and some hair clips because I’m classy like that.

Then with one hand, hold the fabric taught and with the other hand, hold the steamer next to the wrinkles and move it in the direction you need it to go.

The wrinkles magically disappear right before your eyes!

Before Photo - Wrinkled, creased fabric

Before Photo – Wrinkled, creased fabric

After Photo - Smooth and crease free!

After Photo – Smooth and crease free!

While it is not recommended, I also tried putting the steamer right on the fabric as well and it did not harm the fabric I was using.

In fact, it worked even faster when I did it this way. But I’m not a fabric expert, so I don’t know if this would be safe to try on all fabrics like silk or acetate. Use at your own risk.

I do know that it worked super fast – much faster than ironing. The amount of time it takes really depends on how wrinkled your clothes are and how big the fabric is.

The wrinkles disappeared like magic in front of my eyes!

The wrinkles disappeared like magic in front of my eyes!

Once you are done, just dump out the remaining water, and let air dry.

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Final Thoughts on the Sterline Portable Garment Steamer


      • Easy to fill.
      • Heats up quickly.
      • Quickly remove wrinkles from clothes.
      • Can use on curtains, towels, and sheets as well.
      • Portable and perfect to take travelling.
      • Affordable.


      • Must stay within distance of the cord obviously.
      • The reservoir is fairly shallow, so you have to refill it frequently. It took one tank full to complete one garment.

Overall, I really love this thing! In fact, I’ve been going a little crazy with it. I’ve not only used it on my clothes, but I’ve also used it on my shower curtain and my sheets too.  I’m so glad I have this fabric steamer in my life.

You can also find the Sterline Portable Fabric Steamer on Amazon for around $20

What method do you use to get quickly remove wrinkles out of fabric? I’d love to hear your tips! Leave me a comment and let me know!

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